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There is an interesting fact which states that every woman in the world has about the same time in matters of sex desire? This was confirmed from a study that was launched by the Women's Health magazine about a woman's libido.

Quoted from the Times of India, the study was conducted of 1,000 adult women to find out some truth to both fact and myth of female sex libido. Of a number of results obtained, it was the top female libido for sex arose on Saturday, 11 pm.

Three out of four women in Britain blamed the grueling work hours on weekdays (Monday-Friday) for causing a drop in libido. Therefore, on Saturday where they have started to relax, begin to feel the aura of seductive in the evening.

The study also found that Irish women are the most difficult women to reach orgasm during lovemaking. They are considered to have many demands on their partners, although the quantity of their sex at most, three times a week.

The research results revealed by the Women's Health magazine is quite contrary to studies conducted by the London School of Economics. They claim she would have sex with a partner in the mood Thursday morning.

In general, almost all studies have found that the hormones women and men to achieve a high level in the morning. This is because the energy levels of the natural hormone cortisol, testosterone and estrogen increase to five times when I wake up. That's why quality sleep can improve sexual performance.

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