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woman on top position
Sex is more fun and not monotonous when each partner will take turns 'in control'. If you have been accustomed to just lie down and accept “the service” of your husband, now its your turn to take over. sometimes be more dominant in bed is not a problem. it will make sex more interesting and not just become routine. One is the style of woman on top position. Check out the tips when having sex with woman on top position below:

A. Show the 'Directions'
Suggest your husband to 'explore' your body. Show him any parts of the body you want to be touched.. Hold his hand, and move into 'zones' which roughly can give you a pleasure.  This will be surprised and delighted, because he came to know more about the woman's sensitive areas.

2. Ask what he likes
Not only him who should know what things you like, ask also what he likes and show it. Try some of the variation in one sex position. Once you know what the best move he likes, then it will be more enjoyable sex session. Exploration or experimentation is important to keep hot during lovemaking, but do not try something that makes your husband uncomfortable.

3. Do not be too eager
On woman on top position style, you should be able to measure how much physical stress is given to your husband during sex. Should not be too eager in action, especially when you do a position of 'cow girl' because it might hurt him. Ask what kind of position and movement that makes it comfortable; sit directly on his lap or a little more to the side? Is the he would rather make love in a sitting or lying down? He will be flattered by the attention to how you desire in great detail.

4. Move your hips
For deeper penetration sex, move your hips in a circle, instead of up and down. It is believed that the way will be easier for the penis to achieve G-spot without having to make it hurt.

5. Do not hesitate and shy
Many women are reluctant to have sex with the woman on top position because it is not confident with her body. Fear of fat in the abdominal folds visible, the cellulite on the thighs or breasts that are sagging. The essence of the woman on top position is self-confident. In fact, he did not pay much attention to body shape or appearance of their partner during sex, because it is more focused on the search for pleasure. If it's still too shy, pull your body closer to his shoulder so that 'lack of body' you were a little closed. Avoid also, when woman on top position style, looked into his eyes for too long, just focus on his body.

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