Foreplay: what should it last? Foreplay: what should it last?
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Foreplay: what should it last?

What is the foreplayWhat is the foreplay everybody knows: It's intimate caresses, hugs, kisses all over his body, erotic massage and so on and so forth.

The foreplay is an important prelude to sex. Sex fact must be understood as a crescendo of excitement and foreplay allows both partners to stimulate their erogenous zones, including increasing sexual desire. In particular, a woman sexual foreplay and caressing intimate play an important premise for good lubrication of the vagina and can help to overcome the decline in sexual desire.

  • What is the appropriate duration of foreplay no one can say for sure The truth that emerges from a recent British study reveals, however, contradictory data with respect to tradition. Until now, it has always thought that women would love foreplay while men prefer to go straight to the point. But now it seems that women are more interested in durability and quality of sexual intercourse that does not have a real preliminary. What do you think? Of course, it depends on the occasions.
  • If you have to have sex in a secluded place unusual or uncomfortable, perhaps in the room next to where your children are sleeping (or your parents), you may prefer not to spend too much time on foreplay. Most of these cases you probably will prefer to have sex but very passionate and fast paced.
  • But if you enjoy making love without haste, we recommend you take the foreplay as long as necessary. Have fun and let go is not only intimate kisses and caresses, but if you want to venture a little 'more, even erotic games and sex toys. Everything is allowed to make a pleasant and exciting foreplay to sex!