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Pieces of sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie
Out string, padded Bras! The "sexiness" is not often where it is thought. Search in your cupboard and get your classics: door-garters, body, brassiere bra... Check out the new pieces of sexy lingerie fashion: shorty, panties in cotton and satin and become the Queen of glamour at home!

No, lingerie sexy is not only Twine string and the padded bra! The "sexiness" is often where would not expected it. Search in your cupboard and get your classic but absolutely not out door-garters, body or brassiere bra... Mix these below with new pieces of lingerie to sexy fashion: shorty, pant in cotton or satin and how you are Queen of glamour at home! We, we see Darling smile here!

Sexy lingerie and the door-garters Lord

Door garters embodies to him all alone the classic of sexy lingerie. This piece will never cease to fantasize the men. It is enough just to mention his name and human background. Designed to maintain the bottom, it is unfortunately less worn since the appearance on the market of low tights.
The door-garters, sensuality, is above the string or the Pant size and its ribbons keep the bottom of each side of the thigh. Often in lace, this type of sexy lingerie is very feminine and worn under skirts mi-cuisses. For a definitely sexy look, play the game of the femme fatale to the end... Feel free to wear your door-garters under a tailor set and high heels, then ask for help at your partner to gently remove your bottom. The effect lingerie sexy mode will be quickly feel!

The indisputable sexy body

Focused day and night, the body, piece of sexy lingerie very 80's, made his grand return. It is now how to sport or lace.
For a very "Fame" revival, found easily in cotton to wear under a skirt or shorts. Much more sexy, lace or silk with integrated padded model recalled the first models Dolce & Gabbana and worn with a skirt Jean, under a shirt in short tartan as a dress in sexy mode. You also dare to wear as a top to play the effects "below-top" for a look very fashion and sexy.

Sexy lingerie without support throat bra?

Form push-up or not, support throat balconette showcases all even the menus necklines. sexy, comfortable, it is even better to wear with the matching bottom. Whether a pant or a tanga (very brief bikini ) this type of sexy lingerie will be all the more noticed as yet more sophisticated. Out, the famous bra padded, we put on our natural strengths, rather than on frankly vulgar cheating. Attention! Need to impose on its top to prevent marks and involuntary and especially... inappropriate transparency effects.

Discreetly sexy cotton panties

A priori cotton pants is not part of what is called the sexy lingerie. Think again! Friend of our days and our nights, pants cotton small boat for example is much sexier that it believes. Underwear of the girl in flower par excellence, just wear associated with a simple tank top to move your companion. Comfortable and very fresh, it is simply indispensable. Attention however: it does not concern with tight clothes because its seams are. Prefer the porter under a skirt or a dress loose and fluid or thick pant. A robe flurried with the panties in white cotton classic... This is not sexy?

The tanga (very brief bikini ) a must have sexy lingerie

Larger and sexy than the string, the tanga (very brief bikini ) is a sexy cousin of the Brazilian slip. We chose it in of beautiful all soft and glamorous materials such as satin, silk or the lace. Side colors is favored the cream, white, black, rather than the colors bright, too vulgar. The new alternative to the tanga pants notched in satin or silk blouse effect called "blummer", sexy, sensual, found even in day planner, Rascal and malignant. It is the must - have sexy lingerie.

Shorty and sexy

Mini short has taken its place in our closet for several years without they can dislodge it. Its a little sport style seduces all generations and form showcases all forms of buttocks. It is the best friend it a little wide hips but of also it silhouettes a bit "flat". Its cutting reveals half of your curves and its low size allows to wear with your jeans while avoiding the vulgar string exceeds. Cotton or lace on crack!

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