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Why anal sex can be painful

anal sex can be painful
Anal sex is meant not only the act of penetration (penetration of the penis into the anus), it also includes other forms of pleasure, such as anilingus or anal fisting. But when we hear the phrase "anal sex" the first thing that comes to mind - this is the penetration of the penis into the anus.

Does a heterosexual couple have anal sex? Yes, of course. For some, this may seem surprising, but many couples love to engage in anal sex. First of all, even now, anal sex is taboo and many people like to break this ban and to experience such sexual pleasure. Between partners who engage in anal sex increases the level of trust.

Of course, trust is a determining factor, if you think about anal sex. I will not lie to you and to be honest, when you first try to do anal sex - it's going to hurt. Even after you stop such sexual stimulation, she will some time experience discomfort. Here are some reasons why anal sex can be painful:

Anal sex can be painful if you're not ready for it

Many partners do not let the words presented their girlfriends like "surprise" as she, but I would not advise you to do so. First you have to ask the girl if she wanted to try anal pleasure. At the very least, it can adjust itself in advance. But if the guy did not notice penetrates the anus it can cause excruciating physical pain and what kind of confidence in him then we can speak.

Anal sex can be painful if you are forced by force

Even if a partner has asked for permission, if you do not want them to do, you will be hurt. You have to be completely relaxed to enjoy anal sex. In addition, you have to trust your partner, and know exactly what you tell him to stop, he stopped. The muscles of the rectum have a "retractor" effect and when you are tense, this effect is reinforced. If the power of trying to break into the rectum, this muscle will be very tense and the result will be much pain.

Anal sex can be painful if you do not use enough lubrication

Your relaxed state can reduce the initial pain of penetration of members of the anus, but no relaxation does not relieve you of the pain, if you do not use grease. Apply a certain amount of grease to the partner's penis; put as much grease to the anal area, but in this case, you can avoid the discomfort.

If you're going to get into it, talk to a girl trying to maximize relaxation and thus help it, gently stimulating the sphincter fingers or tongue. You should never enter into the anus, without using a lubricant. Also, do not forget to take a shower after anal sex, if you plan to vaginal penetration.

One of the most appealing aspects associated with anal sex may be that it will become a "dirty little secret." You know that many are ready to break a sexual taboo, but you did it and you insanely happy.