Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique
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Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique

delayed ejaculation
If the passion is too big, sex intercourse would soon be over. If this happens, it will jeopardize a relationship. But there are some tricks to delay ejaculation and to the implementation of the ejaculatory reflex. The following tips are ways to delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique :
How fast you ejaculate?
No partner who brings a stopwatch on the bed. Men who ejaculate rapidly is not related to the time, but with the satisfaction of both partners. If you ejaculate too quickly and endanger the relationship, it is can be described as premature ejaculation. To solve the problem of premature ejaculation, the couple should talk to each other frankly about what happened (their sex). Scientific research clearly shows that most men ejaculate within three minutes after vaginal penetration. Although, much of men who had an orgasm before penetration.

Delayed ejaculation with stop-start technique
Not many know that delayed ejaculation can be trained and required cooperation with a partner for this exercise to delay ejaculation. Men, alone or with partners, stimulate his penis to almost orgasm. Then stop until the orgasm urge fades. Do this repeatedly. Through the "exercise", he can learn to maintain control ejaculation. It's called stop-start technique

The most common men sexual problems 
Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems in men. Scientific studies have shown that about 35 percent of men experience premature ejaculation - regardless of age. Premature ejaculation is also dependent on the mood and the environment... In rare cases, premature ejaculation is also caused by physical illness, such as inflammation of the urethra. Cure of these diseases may help delay ejaculation.


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