New Types of Food That Can Enhance Sex Arousal New Types of Food That Can Enhance Sex Arousal
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New Types of Food That Can Enhance Sex Arousal

Enhance Sex Arousal
Some studies find new foods that have been scientifically proven to enhance sex arousal, libido, and increase the pleasure during lovemaking. If for only oysters, ginseng, chocolate or almond, known as an aphrodisiac food, now we can enter a list of new dishes that can enhance sex arousal. What are the lists?

A. Black coffee
Drinking coffee does cause bad breath is a bit unpleasant. But black coffee contains some of the benefits to Improve Sexual Passion. Studies from Southwestern University, Texas, United States found that the sex drive in women increases after drinking a small cup of coffee. Coffee stimulates certain parts of the brain that lead to stimulation. It is recommended to drink black coffee before night, if not you could have trouble sleeping.

2. Eggs
Eggs are a source of high L-arginine. L-arginine is one type of amino acids that have proven effective in the treatment for erectile dysfunction. Do not just eat eggs for breakfast or lunch; eggs can also be used as a delicious meal for dinner.

3. Peach
Creamy texture fruit and fresh taste is high in vitamin C which can be a good 'supplement' for fertility. Eat plenty of peaches to produce better sperm count and fewer sperm clumping. Frozen peaches contain vitamin C which is higher than a fresh peach.

4. Saffron
Saffron is widely used as a seasoning for Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. Research shows that saffron could enhance sex arousal. To get the benefits to the quality of sex, soak the saffron in hot water for 15 minutes until a broth. Add the broth in a soup like the soup diet.

5. Steak
Red meat is rich in zinc, iron, protein and vitamin B. Iron helps the production of the hormone estrogen, thereby enhance sex arousal of women. In addition, these nutrients also increase the hormone testosterone in men. An increase in sex hormones can make you and your husband make love more often.

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