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6 exciting places to have sex

In this article we tell you where the strangest and most exciting places to have sex are, the most loved and most dreamed of by couples who want to violate the rule and get new excited with new sex positions,  inventing new erotic games with partners !

Making love in a place more exotic than usual is a fun and exciting way to increase libido and fight against routines. An unusual place, however, need not be "outlawed" but it may also simply be located at the foot of the bed, rather than in the kitchen or on the classic dish!

Hotel and rooms for rent

A survey by Hotels.com found that the place where couples are more likely to have satisfying sex is the bed of a hotel. In the following order: swimming pool, Jacuzzi and shower. Rather conventional, could tell who loves making love in the situation to the limit but, in reality, the hotel can be the perfect place for a nice erotic game between "sexy stranger and the traveler seduced."

The bathroom of the restaurant

This mode is all the rage, especially in restaurants where more excitement of transgression seems like a lot. Having sex in a bath of luxury while the ladies at the entrance, are based makeup is a super-sexual experience that combines the possibility of "breaking" the rules and contrary to the label of conventional sex. This attractive way of making 'Love - experts say - is more common than you might think: just a drink more, eats an aphrodisiac and the spring of inhibition goes to hell ...

National Landmark

Be transgress in a camp is one thing, but having a sexual relationship within a historic building is another. In this case, however, you must really pay attention to the risk of being arrested for indecent exposure in public places, as happened in 2004, a young couple who had got caught with excitement while he was visiting the Empire State Building!

The kitchen and the dishes

An Australian survey found that 44% of couples admitted to twice the normal excited making love in the kitchen. Some 53% said that a meal eaten between dishes and utensils in the kitchen, preparing dishes with recipes and exciting, is the best way to increase libido.

The office and workplace

Another sacred place is really exciting place to work, the yard by forklift trucks and office printers and copiers. Some people said they would return to the office late at night with your partner or colleague to experience the thrill of breaking the rules in place where they worked.

Events, sports events and sports arenas

Among the exciting events to do together, as is known, is to join a game or a sporting event of shared interest. On these occasions it seems that some couples prove an irresistible desire to stand apart in the bathroom or in dark areas of the stadium to make love. Although this place is so exciting, however, very risky, but perhaps that's the reason why so much love!

Sex in car

While, in sixth position of exciting places to have sex : the car remains a favorite among couples for sex offending and exciting. Unfortunately in recent years there have been many warnings against this challenging habit that allows it to combine the freedom of travel with the excitement of getting by! However, the car remains a sacred place for sex offending as it allows usually leave the room, to hide (or be perceived to do so), it also allows you to watch the stars together and therefore, also brings romance for those who loves to dream together even in those moments. Although it is dangerous, therefore, the sex drives crazy many couples with large and small!

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